Tribeni Ghat

Project: Ghats at Tribeni

Location: Bansberia

Project Year: 2021

In collaboration with:
Bansberia Municipality

Tribeni Ghat is located along the banks of river hoogly in the Bansberia region of West Bengal. Placed at the confluence of 3 important rivers- Ganga, Saraswati and Kunti it has high cultural significance and the precinct is considered very holy. People from all over east of India travel to take a dip or immerse the ashes.

The ghat has 3 sub ghats – Bathing Ghat, Kheya Ghat and Burning Ghat. Bathing ghat is used by the localites and people coming to the cremation ground for bathing or to take a holy dip. Kheya (meaning transport in the local language) is used for commuting to the other side of the river and burning ghat is where people come to cremate the dead bodies of their loved ones.

The foundation was engaged in studying and documenting the character of the space and devising a simple yet efficient solution. Being such an active place, the waste produced and collected along the silting river was seen as the primary concern. The secondary concern was the ill circulation amongst the 3 ghats. KAF devised an easy solution by – organising and building a system for waste collection and its processing and – building a better connecting tissue between the ghats and giving pause places where people can contemplate, grieve and feel lighter.

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