Revival of Gariahat Footpaths

Project Name: Revival of Gariahat Footpaths

Project year: 2018

In- Collaboration with: Gariahat Police Station, Abin Design Studio

The Gariahat intersection becomes a pedestrian hazard zone for three months around Durga Puja, the sheer density of people who access this space is staggering, making this area not only a massive urban confluence, but also increases the danger that results from overcrowded places.

The project was a proposal for the improvement of the existing situation of temporary hawker stalls on Gariahat footpaths. Recognizing that the main character of the area was a mixture of high-end shopping/dining and informal street shopping/ gastronomic experience, equal importance was given to the buildings lining the streets and the temporary stalls on the pavements. The streets sections were documented to understand how the temporary stalls and permanent shops interact with the pedestrians. Modular temporary structures have been proposed based on three sizes depending on their locations on the sidewalk. The structures are essentially corrugated sheets mounted on the sides of steel structural members, with acrylic sheets on the canopy. The rear end of these stalls have been utilized for signage’s of the permanent shops they are located in front of, for better visibility. A green verge has been proposed along the rear end, in a bid to increase the city’s green cover. A fire hydrant line has been proposed running alongside, if possible, to provide backup in case of fire hazards.

The importance of accessible pavements, safeguarding the interests of the residents, retailers and visitors alike is a major issue that is addressed in the proposal.

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