Let’s Bridge

Project: Let’s Bridge

Location: Under Axis Bridge flyover, Newtown

Project Year: 2021

In collaboration with:
West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO)
Abin Design Studio

The purpose of the project is to identify urban voids that are resultant of heavy urban infrastructures. In this case, it is a dead space below a flyover of a high-speed arterial road (NH 12). This under-flyover space is the only opportunity for a pedestrian-friendly connection between the two residential sectors on each side of the flyover. The project aims to re-utilize this left-over space into a vibrant activity node. This space is re-imagined as a public space which can be utilized to provide basic amenities like a Toilet, space for hawkers, spaces for informal sitting, a children’s play area and for morning health activities. Being just a shaded space with no rigid walls or any permanent construction it is imagined as a temporal space which has the capability to transform and adapt to various public events and celebrations, for example, it can house a street exhibition of art, installations or photography, it can be transformed to a stage with a digital screen for public screening or even adapt to the various configurations of street plays and impromptu public events.

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