Gray scapes: The interstitial spaces in a dense city

Medha Bothra

Urban sprawl has led to the development of infrastructure and buildings very quickly. But along with it, it has also brought in the interstitial spaces. These in-between spaces in the form of gaps and voids are the grey spaces. They lack a designated program and value. They remain vacant and non-existent in the city’s fabric.

A Sunday morning Sketchwalk

Debika Banerjee

Sunday mornings come after a long gruelling week of tasks, breathing fresh air into our monotonous lives with some time for self-retrospection and ‘me-time’. It’s that window of space when one can take up some passion or hobby and essentially be able to create something out of it. Many people tend to become Sunday moviegoers,

Eta Ki

Margi Gohil

This blog is my version of the city after moving into the city of joy, Kolkata.   New to the city, I try to identify the familiarity of the city through self-generated landmarks. One of which is the road with a blue tadpatri (tarpaulin sheet). It is difficult to identify the correct by-lane to get